Essential Questions To Ask When Recruiting Developers In 2021

Essential Questions To Ask When Recruiting Developers In 2021

RahulSeptember 16th, 20214 min read

I want to hire developers, but what should I ask them in an interview? If this question is spinning in your head – then kudos, you’re at the right place!

8 out of 10 recruiters are from a non-technical background, and they’re often confused about how to conduct coding interviews, what questions to ask them, and how to find developers. If you’re the one struggling to hire developers in your organization, then keep on reading this article. This article will discuss what you need to understand about the job role you’re hiring for and some questions when recruiting developers.

Technical hiring can be challenging for non-tech recruiters, and it’s not going to get easier anytime soon. To hire top developers, there are some questions that you should ask both yourself and the developers.

What Constitutes A Good Interview Question?

The primary aim of every interview is to assess the candidate’s hard and soft skills. To form a complete list of questions, keep in mind the below three points:

  • Questions Are Open-Ended – You must ask straightforward questions about their job profile, such as your preferred programming languages. Such questions make candidates comfortable, and they are more likely to respond accurately.
  • Assess The Behavioral Aspects Of The Candidate – Prepare a list of questions that better describe the candidate’s behavior. You can ask about their experience was with the previous clients or when they learned a new tool or technology. Such questions will help you assess whether the candidate is the right fit for your company or not.
  • Focus On The Actual Answer – While it is essential to structure your interview process, it doesn’t mean you have a list of answers in your mind that you’re looking for. Instead, focus on how candidates address the question and identify whether they are the right fit.
Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you dive into asking questions to developers, ask yourself the below questions:

What’s Your Budget?

First, you need to identify whether you have a budget to hire developers or are on a smaller side. Every company has a recruiting budget, and it is crucial to evaluate how much you can spend per hire.

Suppose you have a low recruiting budget. In that case, you can hire freelance developers – which is a cost-effective method to get your work done timely.

Are You Looking For Freshers Or Experienced Folks?

The answer to this question depends on what type of website or application you want/have. For example, suppose you want to change the UI/UX of your website. In that case, you can go for freshers. Whereas, if the core technical work is required, such as managing databases, using CRM, etc., you must hire experienced professionals.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Project?

You need to keep in mind your project’s purpose and future goals before hiring a candidate. These aspects will have a significant impact on your hiring decision.

Knowing your goals will make it easier for you to find the top talent who can contribute their skills to your organization’s success.

Questions To Ask Developers

What makes a good developer – and how to identify the right talent? Below interview questions will help you assess the candidate’s hard skills, soft skills, and behavioral intelligence.

How Much Experience Do You Have In Your Respective Field?

If you’re looking to develop a complex website/app, you must consider asking this question. Experience matters a lot – as experienced professionals will solve a problem efficiently and effectively.

Ask upfront what experience they have. Don’t hesitate to ask for a portfolio or speak to former clients. A skilled developer won’t have any hesitations about sharing such information with you.

What Did You Learn From Your Previous Projects?

This question will give you a clear picture of the candidate’s leadership and problem-solving skills. A developer needs to think granularly and effectively, mapping out the project and accounting for every detail to lead a software project.

For instance, if a developer has never led a project, look for the eagerness to do so in the future and clear ideas about their strategies.

What Input Are You Expecting From My Side?

Every developer expects some amount of support from recruiters and business leaders. Knowing exactly what they expect from you from the beginning will help the business operations go smoothly without any complications.

Indeed, quality candidates will build and maintain a level of communication that works for all departments involved.

Which Programming Languages Have You Learned Recently?

While it is an obvious question to ask a developer, it is still necessary to ask as it highlights the desire for knowledge and anticipation to grow and learn new skills. The answer to such questions will give you deep insight into how passionate a candidate is about their chosen field.

What’s Your Preferred Work Environment? Open Plan Office Or Fully Remote?

As developers are responsible for handling the technical aspects of the website/application, they require deep focus, total silence, and privacy.

For that reason, it’s crucial to ask about their preferred workplace. Look for evidence that the candidate will succeed in your company’s work culture.

Why Did You Choose Programming? What Are Your Desired Goals?

Ask about who is their inspiration and what keeps them motivated and engaged in their respective field. Passion and enthusiasm may also impact the new hire’s retention, so it’s essential to determine what motivates them.

Great answers may include inspiring goals, such as helping a company develop a new product or changing the world through programming skills.

Summing Up

Hiring the right developer for your organization can be a time-consuming process – you just need to find the right ways to attract and hire them.

That said, the above-mentioned list of questions when recruiting developers can help you find the right fit for your organization who can contribute their skills to your organization’s success. A mix of technical and interpersonal qualities is what makes a developer best for any organization.

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