Is JavaScript Used In Backend Or Frontend?

Is JavaScript Used In Backend Or Frontend?

RahulAugust 13th, 20215 min read

Today, we rely on modern technologies such as websites and mobile applications. From booking a cab to flights, we are just one click away. But have you wondered how such applications are created? How is the data stored in the applications? How are attractive UIs created? All these applications wouldn’t exist without JavaScript.

Now the question is: Is JavaScript used in backend or frontend development? Surprisingly, JavaScript is used across web development– hence, it is used for both frontend and backend development.

JavaScript is one of the favorite programming languages of developers as they look for an easy-to-use language to develop attractive internet applications. The best thing about JavaScript is that it can integrate with other programming languages such as CSS, HTML, etc. Together with CSS and HTML, it is a crucial part of web development.

Where Is JavaScript Used?

JavaScript is primarily known as the “language of browsers,” and it is used for web-based applications.

Adding Interactive Behavior To Web Pages

With JavaScript, users can interact with web pages. There are many things you can do with JavaScript on a web page – Here are some examples:

  • Show or hide information with a click
  • Change the color of the button
  • Browse through multiple images on the webpage
  • Put a timer on the website
  • Play audio or video on a website
  • Display animations

Mobile Applications

Nowadays, we are dependent on mobile apps, and more than 90% of websites are accessed via smartphones. JavaScript can help build internet applications for non-web contexts. The features JavaScript offers help to create an attractive mobile application that enhances the user experience.

React Native is a prominent JavaScript framework through which you can build mobile applications for diverse operating systems. It doesn’t mean to execute code for iOS and Android; you only need to write the code once and run it on multiple platforms.

Game Development

Do you know, JavaScript is used to create trendy games with attractive graphics and UI? Yes, that’s the power of JavaScript. It has multiple libraries and frameworks for creating a game that can be 2D or 3D. The leading JavaScript game engines are PhysicsJS and Pixi.js, through which you can design and create attractive games.


JavaScript is also used to design presentations as a website. JavaScript libraries such as RevealJs and BespokeJs are used to create a web-based slide deck. These are easier to use, and you can create almost anything in a short time.

Reveal.js is used to create attractive slide decks with the help of HTML, and these presentations work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets. On the other hand, BespokeJS includes an animated bullet list, responsive scaling, and tons of features.

Server Applications

JavaScript is used to create content and manage HTTP requests. It can also run on servers through Node.js. Node.js provides an environment containing the tool needed for JavaScript to run on servers.

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JavaScript For Backend

The role of JavaScript in backend development is to make changes to the existing web page. HTML/CSS just makes a page, but it doesn’t help in displaying/updating new data, use popups, etc. To change the button’s color while the mouse hovers on it, add popups and dropdowns; it’s all done using JavaScript, with some exceptions in CSS.

Let’s face it: the design of a JavaScript application is a jumble. Until you have a complete picture of its development cycle, it will continue to feel like a puzzle.

JavaScript For Frontend

Along with JavaScript, HTML and CSS play a crucial role in the frontend development of a website. HTML is an excellent language to structure the overall design, whereas CSS is a great tool that makes the site more user-friendly to enhance user experience.

JavaScript makes the website more attractive by adding dropdown menus and forums. Most web applications work because of an interaction between the user’s device (such as a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop) and a remote server. The remote server sends information to the client. The client-side server receives the data and provides the result on the screen.

A client-side script is a programming language that executes its tasks on the client’s machine and doesn’t need to interact with the server to work.

Is Node.JS frontend or backend?

Backend developers use Node.JS for backend work, and it allows developers to handle data updates from the frontend and build scalable internet applications able to process multiple user requests.

This implies that JavaScript plays a vital role in your web developer’s toolkit, whether you want to practice in the frontend or backend development of a website.

Is JavaScript Dead In 2021?

The short answer is – NO. There are many competitors of JavaScript, but developers prefer JavaScript over any other programming language. Some big players worldwide, such as Netflix, PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, etc., rely on JavaScript. These companies are using JavaScript for a reason – hence, it contradicts this statement – “JavaScript is dead in 2021.”

Will JavaScript be ever replaced? Unfortunately – the answer is NO again, as it is too well-entrenched in the web. JavaScript is the only cross-platform code that works on all devices that have a modern browser. People will keep hating it, but the growth opportunities in JavaScript in the coming years are endless. These programming languages never get outdated overnight. Therefore, 2021 is not the year to say goodbye to JavaScript.

Summing Up

JavaScript is one of the most preferred languages by developers and industry leaders, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. The benefits it offers to us are what make it useful in different domains.

JavaScript is said to be the leader of the web browser while having the title of the ruler of the mobile space. For businesses, who want to create fast mobile apps, attractive websites, or even browser extensions, investing in JavaScript is worth it. It will surely generate high returns on investment.

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