Intervue version 2.0 is here. Faster, leaner, and better in every way.

Intervue version 2.0 is here. Faster, leaner, and better in every way.

RahulJune 24th, 20212 min read

One year ago, we had an MVP, a few users, and a shared vision of how we wanted to accelerate the process of building great tech teams.

The community has embraced us. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of shipping updates and working with multiple hyper-growth startups to deliver on our mission of streamlining the entire interviewing process, helping modern organizations build lean teach teams faster.

We have been extremely lucky to work with some great startups from around the globe. While working closely modern teams, we have learned a lot about their goals and what they need to achieve them.

For the past 3 months, we have tried integrating these learnings at the core of our product. In doing so, it turning into one of the biggest evolution of Intervue.

With this release, Intervue's scratchpad is now the fastest code editor on the internet. We’ve also shipped a host of other improvements. Here’s more:

1. UI Revamp and Light Mode 🌗
Decluttered UI with more focus on the code editor and console. Also, you can switch the scratchpad theme between light mode and dark mode.

2. Faster than ever before ⚡
The scratchpad with 33+ coding languages, video calls, whiteboards, and much       more. Everything loads in less than 1 second.

3. Ask MCQ and Subjective questions ✅
Ask multiple-choice and subjective questions in take-home assignments. (Multiple choice assignments are auto-graded! Obviously.)

4. Full candidate event history 🎥
Log of candidate actions like tab switches, clipboard history, etc. in both live interviews and take-home assignments.

5. Test Case Validation in Live Interviews:
Validate multiple test cases and get code validation report instantly during live interviews. Compatible questions are already added to the live interview question bank

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Intervue- Our team is working hard to make the process tech team building faster.

Feel free to leave us feedback by commenting down below or tweet us @intervueio. You can also join our slack community.

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