How To Reduce Candidate Dropouts Over The Recruitment Cycle?

How To Reduce Candidate Dropouts Over The Recruitment Cycle?

RahulDecember 20th, 20216 min read

Whether you're a startup or a successful business, choosing the right candidate will help determine business success. The best way to survive in the industry is to hire better talent than your competitors. But, if you're not clear about the goals, the candidate dropout rate increases.

A good candidate is an asset to your organization. Having the wrong approach towards hiring will affect your business growth. If you have had a sinking feeling, you should know that the right candidate will uplift you.

Does Everybody Complete The Job Application Process?

One of the researches by Glassdoor suggests that 20% of applicants tend to complete the application process. These people ensure to fill in all the details. On the other hand, others tend to leave many blanks. This eventually makes it hard for the recruiters to understand who is a potential candidate and who isn't.

Whenever conducting a recruitment drive, managers should be cautious with terms. This will eventually allow you to sustain yourself in the market. Candidate experience is one of the most important factors to consider. This will contribute towards attracting the attention of customers.

Hiring managers look forward to implementing measures to reduce candidate dropout.

Technology Helps, But Psychology Matters

Whether you're interviewing via software or in-person, hiring managers need to provide the best experience. Job onboarding and application completion ratio are some of the most important things to consider. During the hiring process, the candidate will go through a lot of emotions.

Many hiring managers prefer mystery shopping. Mystery shopping refers to a practice that helps managers understand their candidates better. Understanding the journey of your candidate is highly crucial to hiring the right candidate.

Most people look for jobs on their phones. Many companies do not focus on enhancing the mobile experience. Due to the lack of good mobile experience, many candidates are missing out on a potential journey.

Why Do Companies Experience The Highest Dropout Rate?

The poor hiring experience is a major reason why companies experience the highest candidate dropout rate. Some hiring processes are too long. Furthermore, the form fill up procedure for many companies is high too. As a result, it becomes tiring for them.

Many candidates state that most companies require them to put in more effort than they’re trying to put in the hiring process. Candidates are always looking forward to a smooth hiring process. Companies that offer a complicated procedure are likely to see a massive dropout rate compared to companies that offer a seamless and smooth experience.

Is It Necessary To Understand Or Focus On Candidate Experience?

It is. Once you decide to go mystery shopping, you need to focus on the candidate's journey. Several candidates go through a rigorous process to get the job. This will play an essential role in reducing the candidate dropout rate.

Many candidates often struggle with technology too. Therefore, companies should focus on easing their experience. It is crucial to choose the right interview platform for a better experience for everyone. Credibility building can also be of great help.

Why Do Job Seekers Drop Out?

Often it may happen that after scheduling the interview, the potential candidates drop out. Live coding interviews can often be a problem for many leading to higher rates of candidate dropout.

Engagement is a significant factor in reducing the candidate dropout rate. Lack of communication and a poor interview experience are substantial reasons why many candidates drop out.

Hiring managers should understand that job seekers are looking for a fast and convenient process. The long hiring process can often tire the candidate. Moreover, there is a probability that they will get better opportunities. Speeding up the process and making it simple will help in credibility building.

How To Reduce Candidate Dropout Rates?

Since the candidate dropout rates are increasing, hiring managers should carefully analyze where they go wrong. Here are some things to adapt to lower the rates of candidates dropping out.

Be Clear About The Job Description

The best way to lower the candidate dropout rate is to ensure how you interview. Many companies fail to define the job role. A candidate applying for the job should know if they are fit for the role or not.

As an employer, you should be clear about your expectations. Be clear in the job description about your requirements, such as technical skills and expectations from the candidate. Furthermore, if you keep the job description short, it will help in credibility building.

Most people are applying for jobs for a salary. Therefore, the companies should consider mentioning the average salary in the job description itself. If you're conducting a live coding interview, you should specify the growth opportunities, steps in the recruitment procedure, and work mode.

It is advisable to be clear about the job description to attract the attention of new employees. They will be the future assets of your organization, so it is better to be careful while choosing and reduce candidate dropout.

Let Your Candidates What They Should Expect

Engagement with candidates is exceptionally crucial. Many companies and hiring managers do not communicate with the candidates. This reduces the will of the candidate to be in the organization.

Setting up a mode of communication will help to improve the candidate experience. Modern-day hiring managers prefer setting up an email that will allow them to contact the managers directly. Rather than sticking to the old ways of connecting to the candidates, businesses should adopt new ways.

Moreover, maintaining regular communication with the candidate helps to win their confidence. In today's time, no one applies for only one job. Therefore, it is advisable to create a positive impression of your company. A positive candidate experience can do wonders.

Create A Strong Employer Brand

The best way to lower the candidate dropout rate is to create a strong employer brand. The best way to enhance your employer brand is to have a good reputation on social media platforms.

If you want your candidates to join the company, always include a feedback form in the hiring process. It is advisable to avoid displaying solid and negative emotions on social media. This may have a negative impact. A strong brand contributes to a better candidate experience.

Hiring managers should also consider asking their current employers to share their experience about working within the company. It would help if you also encouraged them to be a part of the industry events.

The tech development team is crucial for organizational growth. If you ask them to help you build a brand, your reputation will improve. Furthermore, you should send out job proposals via credible platforms.

Maintain Timely Communication

Staying connected with the candidate will help you in the long run. Surveys show that many candidates do not hear back from the company they interview in. As a result, businesses should consider communicating with candidates.

No matter what your decision is, it is advisable to be clear about it. Furthermore, candidates also appreciate it when the respective companies inform them about the recruitment procedure.

The potential candidates will have a lot of questions. The best practice is to answer their queries. It would help if you never left a candidate in the dark. They expect some kind of response from you. The candidate is offering you their work and time. Therefore, you should take it up as a priority.

Following the essential work, ethics is eventually going to help you in the long run. After each stage of recruitment, you should inform the candidates about their progress. Actionable feedback will help them bring improvements. Even if you don't hire them, make sure to inform them about their shortcomings. This will help them overcome those. As a result, they can land a job in some other institution.

Make The Job Application Process Easy

Making it easier for the candidates to apply is extremely helpful. Move away from the herd and create new job opportunities. You should give candidates the flexibility to apply for the job without a CV.

Hiring managers should offer job seekers the flexibility to apply via mobile devices and phones. This is far more convenient than joining via laptop. The more time the application procedure takes the more likely the increasing candidate dropout rate. Moreover, the job application procedure through laptops and computers can be very time-consuming too.

Final Thoughts

A high candidate dropout rate can harm your company. The hiring managers are putting in a lot of effort to attract the right talent. But, if you're not making it easier for the candidates, they are not likely to drop out in the middle itself. Moreover, the engagement rate is expected to increase. The live coding interview trend is on the rise. Therefore, businesses can consider adopting it.

If you're just starting with the hiring process, keep the above practices in mind. Moreover, using the right interview platform will also help to increase the candidate retention rate. If the pipeline improves, the chances of success improve. Eventually, the candidate dropout rate will go down.

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