How To Get The Most Out Of Coding Interviews?

How To Get The Most Out Of Coding Interviews?

RahulAugust 3rd, 20214 min read

Hiring is difficult – especially technical hiring for non-tech recruiters. Today, video interviews are becoming popular, and there are some tools such as Zoom, Skype, etc., which make the video interview simpler.

But how do you assess the technical skills of a candidate?

In a remote coding interview, assessing the technical skills of a candidate is essential. Simply hiring the candidates based on a first meeting and resume won’t help the business increase its productivity. However, these soft skills play a crucial role in a developer’s professional life, but evaluating hard skills is also imperative.

Today, the competition of hiring the right technical team is intense. Hence, including a coding test in your technical hiring process is essential to ensure that you hire the right talent for your organization.

That said, this article will discuss how you can make the most out of coding interviews.

How To Achieve Maximum Benefits From A Remote Coding Interview?

As you have a glimpse of why conducting remote coding interviews is essential, you might question how an organization benefits from these interviews?

These live coding interviews help candidates to get a realistic insight into the candidate's skills and abilities.

Let’s discuss how you can achieve maximum benefits from it:

Assess Candidates Beyond Their Resumes

When you’re looking for software engineers and developers, you can’t hire based on their wordy resumes. And according to Inc, 85% of applicants lie in their resumes. So, it’s a lousy practice to judge a candidate based on a resume.

That’s the reason why conducting coding interviews is best to assess the technical skills of a candidate. These coding tests allow recruiters to uncover some unexpected talent of the candidates.

So, how to conduct an effective coding interview?

Intervue is one of the best tools which comes with an easy-to-use interface, and it’s the most preferred tool by recruiters and hiring managers. It is the jack of all trades, as it has the audio/video call functionality, plus, you can monitor the real-time coding window that your candidate can work in. Having such tools by your side can make your coding interview organized.

Evaluate The Vast Talent Pool In Minutes

As a recruiter, you have to go through more than hundreds of job applications whenever you post a job vacancy on social media or recruiting sites. However, it becomes challenging to evaluate each candidate and schedule an interview date.

But do you know you can ease this stress when you have coding assessment tools by your side? Yes, you read that right. Coding assessment tools come with an auto-grading report functionality; wherein, you can assess hundreds of candidates based on their ranks.

In short, coding assessments allow you to speed up the recruiting process by eliminating those candidates who didn’t pass the test. It will help you streamline the recruiting process and attract the right talent for your organization.

Convenient For Passive Candidates

Not only do coding tests benefit recruiters, but they also allow candidates to give their test at their preferred time.

Coding tests are beneficial for passive candidates. Passive candidates are those candidates who are currently employed but seeking a better job offer. As coding tests have hours to complete, it becomes difficult for passive candidates to complete them within the given deadline.

However, an online coding test allows candidates to complete the test in a more comfortable environment, without the need for them to miss a day at work.


After the pandemic, physical meet and face-to-face interviews are not an option. This is where virtual interviews and live coding interviews come into play.

With live coding interviews, you can easily get a feel for your candidates, as well as how they work. Coding interviews are a part of screening where candidates’ skills are evaluated to give recruiters a deep insight into whether they are the right fit for a particular job position or not.

Reduce Cost Per Hire

The traditional way of hiring a technical team can cost you a lot, as it involves travel reimbursements, infrastructure costs, stationery costs, etc.

But with remote coding interviews, you can easily reduce cost per hire and streamline your existing hiring process.

Undoubtedly, there’s no shortage of technical talent globally; you just need to find the right way to attract them. Online interviews and coding assessments help you filter the best candidate for the business without bearing the maximum costs of hiring. Remote hiring and online assessments can reduce the cost per hire by 50%. You just need to invest in the right coding assessment tool to assess the candidates’ technical skills.

Easy Integration With Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Do you know, the coding assessment tool you choose allows for multiple integrations with ATS?

Integrating pre-employment tests with your Applicant Tracking System will create a modern recruitment system that will give you better insights into your candidates’ technical skills and abilities.

Attract The Best Talent

Coding tests allow you to onboard the right talent, hence, minimize the efforts you put towards interviewing the unqualified candidates. Technical hiring should be done carefully as they’re the backbone of a successful organization. They’re responsible for planning, development, testing, integration, maintenance, etc.

Apart from the technical skills, coding tests allow you to gauge the soft skills of a candidate, such as cultural fit, problem-solving skills, time management skills, communication skills, etc. The combination of both hard and soft skills makes a candidate the right fit for any organization.

Time Taken To Solve A Problem

With online coding tests, you can easily measure the time taken by a candidate to solve a particular set of questions, which are more complex and can be measured based on the results and performance of the assessments. It will give you a deep insight into the candidates’ skills, abilities, and experience.

Summing Up

Thanks to the advanced technologies – which have increased the demand for software engineers and developers. Today, every organization, no matter the size, requires a technical team to benefit brand marketing.

As the demand for the technical team is at its peak, as a recruiter, you need to make sure you use the best way to hire developers and engineers, such as coding assessments.

The points mentioned above clearly explain how a company can benefit from coding interviews and how it can help you hire the right talent at less cost.

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