How Does ATS Improve Team Productivity?

How Does ATS Improve Team Productivity?

RahulAugust 13th, 20214 min read

As employees are the pillars of an organization – every organization aims to hire the right talent to increase the business’s overall productivity. Hence, it becomes challenging for recruiters to onboard the best suitable talent in today’s hot job market.

According to Business-Standard, more than 54% of companies worldwide face a severe talent crunch. As a result, most recruiters opt for leveraging new-age recruiting technology to attract the best talent. But, before investing in modern tools and technologies, recruiters need to identify their organizational requirements.

This is where an ATS comes into play. ATS is an Applicant Tracking System that helps businesses save the valuable resources, time, and money they put to hire high-quality candidates. An ATS can help organizations in:

  • Streamlining the recruiting process
  • Enhancing the candidate experience
  • Speeding up the hiring process.

That said, let’s discuss what an ATS is and why it is worth investing in an ATS.

What Is An ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System is a powerful recruiting tool that helps recruiters automate, structure, and streamline hiring. It includes all the data of the past candidates who have shown interest in an organization, enabling recruiters to stay in touch with the right candidate at the right time.

Today, modern ATS tools are powered by AI. They can eliminate unqualified candidates, thereby helping recruiters to save their time and money interviewing those who are not sufficient for a vacant job position.

6 Ways How An Applicant Tracking System Can Increase Team Productivity

An ATS Can Help In Scheduling Interviews

When you post a new job vacancy, you will get hundreds and thousands of applications, and reviewing each of them and scheduling interviews can be challenging. So, if you’re spending days and weeks scheduling interviews for the candidates, then it’s time to leverage the power of an ATS.

An ATS can help take care of the interview administration. For instance, you can fill in your preferred time for the interview. Similarly, your team members can do the same. Depending on the data entered, the ATS will then show you the interview slots for candidates to choose from.

Furthermore, you can send confirmation and reminders via email or SMS – ensuring that the potential candidates know the interview time and date.

An ATS Reduces The Workload Of Recruiting Teams

8 out of 10 recruiters say that they have excessive workloads and deadlines too. Recruiter’s job is never easy – as they have to post a job online, review hundreds of applications, scheduling interviews, etc. These activities distract recruiters from focusing on their core business activities which hold great importance.

So, how to reduce the workload of recruiting teams?

The workload can be reduced when you have the right ATS solution by your side. It reduces the workload by automating the hiring process. In this way, recruiters can focus on their core deadlines and build a quality workforce necessary to boost productivity.

An ATS Improves The Candidate Experience

Developing a positive employer brand can do wonders for any organization. Focusing on a candidate-driven approach can help you create a positive employer brand and online reputation.

A candidate's experience has a significant impact on what candidates choose to accept an offer. Candidates want a recruitment process that is organized, structured, and streamlined. Unfortunately, if you’re unorganized or lack communication, enhancing candidate experience can become difficult.

An ATS can help you reduce some of the difficulty to improve how candidates feel about your organization – whether or not they get a job offer. Also, it can help you send personalized content to your candidates.

An ATS Compiles Your Recruitment Data

An ATS provides data and analytics to recruiters, which will help them to connect with the best talent and hire the right person for a particular job role.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can give you relevant information on how to streamline your existing hiring process, but they can be challenging to track and calculate manually. With an ATS, data tracking becomes easier as it automates the process so that the recruiting team doesn’t need to bother about crunching the numbers. Some systems will even generate reports for you, allowing you to get a deep insight into your most crucial recruitment KPIs.

ATS allows recruiters to put all the metrics in one place.

An ATS Makes Recruiters And Hiring Managers More Productive

An ATS comes with tons of features and functionalities, which makes the recruiting teams more productive. It offers an integrated email system that promotes communication between recruiters and candidates, enables collaborative hiring through commenting and sharing features, and allows recruiters to give and ask for feedback.

An ATS makes recruiters more productive and helps them to make quick and thoughtful hiring decisions.

An ATS Can Provide Unique Branding For Your Careers Page

The role of an ATS is not only to manage candidates but also to attract them. Your careers page is the first thing that a candidate will interact with, impacting their decision. A career page can either make or break the candidate’s first impression.

You can use an ATS to highlight what makes your organization different from your competitors and why it is worth applying to it. The right ATS system can help you create a branded and engaging careers page that encourages candidates to apply for a job role in your company.

According to Ongig, McAfee, who use Workday as their ATS, used a job page overlay to enhance their careers page with their own employer branding.

Summing Up

An Applicant Tracking System reduces the workload of the recruiters, increases efficiency, and enhances the candidate experience. No matter what the size is, every organization must integrate an ATS into its existing recruitment process.

That said, it’s essential to choose the right ATS system which is affordable and meets your company requirements. Choosing the right ATS system will help you attract the best talent for your organization and, at the same time, streamline the hiring process. As a business owner, it is worth investing in an ATS to generate high returns on investment.

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