Advanced Python Interview Questions To Hire Experienced Candidates

Advanced Python Interview Questions To Hire Experienced Candidates

RahulApril 29th, 20214 min read

Python has gained considerable popularity in the last few years. Most organizations prefer this object-oriented programming language over other traditional frameworks while building applications and software. One of the major reasons python has gained massive popularity is due to its strength and simplicity even though it is made for complex problems.

Though it is an easy and versatile programming language to dive into, it does not mean that the hiring department must have ample knowledge of this subject. Most of the time the HR is not known to the subject of expertise of the candidate. At this moment, it becomes a bit difficult for HR to choose the best fit.

You do not need to learn the subject before hiring someone to work on it. We have got your back. Here you will read some of the advanced python questions that you need to ask your candidate while in an interview.

What Should You Consider While Hiring Python Developers?

Hiring a python developer just by seeing the projects he/she did or by the mention of the same in his/her resume is not enough. It requires planning and structuring as you would not want a skilled developer to give his hand to the company. So, here are some things you should consider while hiring a python developer for your team.

Understand Why Are You Hiring The Developer

You need to be clear on why you require a python developer. Basically, a company would need one to develop applications but still, you need to be clear of your vision. Share the same with the candidate and make sure he/she is ready to turn your vision into reality.

Test Their Coding And Technical Ability

Make sure that your applicant is not just a bookworm. He has to be technically sound and always updated with the latest technology. A very simple and much-appreciated way of doing so is to conduct an online coding test on any of the online python code sandbox. This will help you in deciding if your candidate is worth the position.
Some technical abilities that your applicant must possess are:

  • Knowledge of Python Version Numbers
  • Knowledge of slicing and copy structures
  • Classes, Generators, and Functions
  • Python Shell Usage
  • List Dictionaries, Sets, and Comprehension
  • Use of ‘OS’ and ‘SYS’

Check Out On The Developer’s Enthusiasm

A developer without any enthusiasm or love for the work he does won’t provide valuable results. You should aim for a developer who is not only skilled but also enthusiastic about using his skills and applying them in the work. A person who loves his work tends to provide better results in a short time than those who work only for the sake of working.

You can always choose to measure his curiosity and eagerness to work in an interview.

Note Down Other Skills And Abilities

As the world is moving fast, it is mandatory for all of us to adapt to the change and work accordingly. This adaptation to change requires a few hard skills as well as soft skills. It is not necessary that a technically sound person is a perfect fit. One needs to have some basic skills like the following:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Fluency in Python Frameworks
  • Communication Skills
  • Collaborative Skills
  • Issue Solving Capacity

While being on track, keep these things in mind to avoid hiring a bad fit:

  • Don’t rely on passive recruiting
  • Don’t compromise with the candidate’s technical expertise
  • Don’t believe that soft skills are less important
Advanced Python Interview Questions You Must Ask To Hire Experienced Candidates

As mentioned earlier, you must check the technical skills of your applicant by making him code on any of the best online python code editors and also place your interview questions before him/her.

Here are some of the senior Python developer interview questions you need to have a look on:

  1. How can you randomize the items of a list in place in Python??
  2. What does [::-1] do?
  3. What is the lambda function in Python?
  4. What Is the Difference Between Classmethod and Staticmethod?
  5. What do you understand by Tkinter??
  6. What is GIL and what are some of the ways to get around it?
  7. Write a code to display the contents of a file in reverse.?
  8. Which one of the following is not the correct syntax for creating a set in Python?
  9. Demonstrate multithreading
  10. How do you iterate over a list and pull element indices at the same time?
  11. What is docstring in Python?
  12. What Are Generator Functions? Write Your Version of Range
  13. How many ways can you append or concatenate strings? Which of these ways is fastest? Easiest to read?
  14. What is pickling and unpickling in Python?
  15. Demonstrate monkey patching and where is it used
  16. I'm getting a maximum recursion depth error for a function. What does this mean? How can I mitigate the problem?
  17. How do you split the data into train and test datasets?
  18. Identify and deal with missing values in DataFrames
  19. What are *args and **kwargs in Python functions?
  20. What’s your favorite standard library module?

These are some of the questions you can rely on when you are interviewing a senior python developer. But you have to make sure that you search for the correct answers before asking these to the candidate.

Wrapping Up

In addition to the above-mentioned strategies, live interview tools will also lend a platform to you for checking your applicant’s skills. Make the most of these facilities and choose the best out of all the developers.

To make it simpler use a two-step process to choose, sort, and select your ‘best’ out of all the ‘averages’. These two steps include:

  1. Test Them on Online Coding Platforms
  2. Ask them the Advanced Python Questions

This is the proper way to select a developer who will fit in your team well. We hope your problem of deciding what to do and what to ask a senior python developer is solved after reading this blog!

Technical assessment test for Python developers are one of the most reliable way for recruiters to judge a candidate.

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