Advanced Bash Interview Questions To Hire Experienced Candidates

Advanced Bash Interview Questions To Hire Experienced Candidates

RahulMay 11th, 20214 min read

Various types of shell scripts exist in Linux. One of the successful and most accepted shell scripts is Bourne Again Shell. Bourne Again Shell or Bash is a shell program. It is a command language interpreter which processes shell commands. A Bash script is a text file that is plain and contains a series of commands. To automate any manual task, Bash scripting is used. Undoubtedly Bash is a very useful and powerful programming language.

Bash scripting is not that easy and the hiring team must not be having an understanding of the subject. To hire any developer for the team, HRs are not required to learn the candidate’s subject of choice. Instead, they are recommended to use a few methods to choose a perfect employee. So, it is not at all necessary for the HRs or for the hiring team to have a hold on Bash scripting.

Then what to do if the HR lacks the subject information? How will they hire the most suitable fit for the company? Do not bother, we have got you covered. You would not need to by-heart the subject. You just have to go through some of the advanced Bash questions. Ask these questions to your candidate in the interview and just go through the answers to those interview questions from Google. This way, you might get closer to your ideal teammate.

What Should You Consider While Hiring a Bash Developer?

Hiring your Bash developer simply on the grounds of his/her CV is not enough. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while hiring a Bash Developer. Yes, skills and achievements are a bonus but they are not everything. Experience, technical hold, and soft skills are the real topics for the checklist.

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while hiring a Bash developer:

Understand For What You Are Hiring The Developer

Bash got its fame because it is an improved version of Bourne Shell. Bash Scripting is a must-skill for any Linux system administration job. But not all developers can use this scripting language wisely from start to end. So, depending upon the requirement of your company, you will have to hire your developer.

Make your goal, agenda, or the purpose of hiring the developer and make it clear to them what you expect from them. It will help them get a brief about their responsibility and you can also decide if they will match the role or not.

Look For Experienced Candidates

Experience is a must in any field. Your candidate might be having good skills and an attractive resume but what if they are not experienced enough to dwell in your company? So, it is completely necessary for the hiring team to look at the experience column and put a check on it.

Check Out On The Developer’s Communication Skills

Bash scripting is a bit complex but it is essential for the developer to possess excellent communication skills. This skill will help him/her to communicate with the customers or the organization with efficiency and express his/her ideas seamlessly. Problems and difficulties will also be delivered with ease.

Test The Technical Abilities

Make sure that your candidate is not just a bookworm. Check if he/she is technically sound or not. For the same, you can take a coding test of your applicant on any good online Bash code sandbox. This will help you in deciding if your candidate is worth the position or not. Scripting is not that easy and so it is not a subject that can be just mugged up on a theory base; practical knowledge is important.

Advanced Bash Interview Questions You Must Ask To Hire Experienced Candidates

You must check the professional skills of your applicant by making him or her code on any of the best remote coding interview tools and also place your interview questions before him/her.

Here are some of the senior Bash developer interview questions you need to ask your candidates:

  1. What are the advantages of using bash scripts?
  2. What types of variables are used in bash?
  3. How to add comments in a bash script? Write a code for the same.
  4. Which commands are used to print output in bash?
  5. How to use command-line arguments in bash?
  6. How to read the second word or column from each line of a file?
  7. How can conditional statements be used in bash?
  8. Which conditional statement can be used as an alternative to if-elseif-else statements in bash?
  9. How can subroutines be declared and called in bash?
  10. Mention some ways to perform arithmetic operations in bash?
  11. How can a bash script be terminated without executing all statements?
  12. How to make a bash file executable?
  13. What is meant by ‘bc’ and how can this command be used in bash?
  14. What is IFS?
  15. How to run multiple bash scripts in parallel? Show the code.
  16. What is bash script?
  17. Mention the disadvantages of bash scripts
  18. How to declare and delete variables in bash?
  19. How can you combine strings in a bash script?
  20. How to take input from the terminal in bash? Show a program.

These are some of the questions you can ask when you are interviewing a senior Bash developer. But you have to make sure that you search for the correct answers before placing the questions. Live interview tools will also lend a platform to you for checking your applicant’s skills. Make the most of these facilities and choose the best out of all the developers.

To make it simpler use a two-step process to choose, sort, and select your ‘best’ out of all the ‘averages’. These two steps include:

  1. Test Them on Online Coding Platforms
  2. Ask them the Advanced Bash Questions

This is the most reliable way to choose a developer who will fit in your team completely. We hope your difficulty in deciding what to do and what to ask a senior Bash developer is solved after reading this blog.

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