5 Ways To Build And Sustain Positive Work Culture

5 Ways To Build And Sustain Positive Work Culture

RahulSeptember 6th, 20214 min read

Every organization aims to be at the top in its specific industry. They put out all the resources and spend thousands of dollars hiring quality candidates to achieve their desired business goals.

Indeed, quality candidates are the most significant contributors to an organization’s success, but employers often overlook others. Company culture is one of them.

Positive work culture in an organization plays a crucial role in enhancing employee retention rates and job satisfaction. Nobody wants to work in a dull environment with a lack of recognition, work overload, and no career growth opportunity.

Creating a positive work culture can impact the employee’s productivity. They are more likely to stay happy, motivated, and encouraged. However, building a positive work environment is a time-consuming process, but the wait is worth it.

As a recruiter, you must focus on developing a positive work culture that will create the company’s positive reputation and succeed in retaining the top talent in your organization.

As per the data by TeamStage, 46% of candidates say that the company culture is one of the deciding factors in the application process.

Why Does Company Culture Matter?

Positive company culture refers to how employees communicate with each other and work together. In other words, company culture is what encourages employees to work in your company.

If you fail to provide an attractive work culture, your employees won’t enjoy coming to the office and may leave your organization looking for better opportunities. To boost the business’s overall productivity and improve employee retention rates, every organization must invest their time, money, and effort to create a positive work environment.

5 Tips To Build And Sustain A Positive Work Culture

Evaluate Your Current Work Culture

First of all, you need to identify what’s stopping you from creating a positive work culture. Ask yourself the below questions:

  • What is the employee retention rate?
  • Do employees feel safe taking creative risks?
  • Do your employees enjoy working in your company?

The answer to such questions will help you get a deep insight into the current phase of your work culture. It’s always better to conduct meetings with your employees and ask about what challenges they face?

Once you identify the gaps, you must steer yourself in the right direction to fill those gaps and create a positive work environment for your employees.

Improve Your Onboarding Process

Revamping the onboarding process can be daunting for recruiters. A simple and effective onboarding process can go a long way in providing a good impression for new hires, and you can easily retain the top talent.

Most candidates quit their job in the first three months due to the bad onboarding experience. For this reason, it’s crucial to train your recruiting team to create an attractive onboarding process to enhance the candidate’s experience.

You must also train your employees on workplace safety to help them understand how the organization works as a whole.

Give Regular Feedback To Employees

Another key to improving work culture is by constantly providing feedback to the employees about their performance. If your company has top performance, there are also underperformers.

Instead of embracing the employees in front of their co-workers, it is always better to conduct a face-to-face meeting and discuss the issues. For instance, if an employee needs more training to improve their skills, you must assign a mentor and invest in the training expenses.

Praise your employees whenever necessary. In any case, if an employee fails to achieve the desired goal or complete a task, then you must recognize their efforts. Recognition is the key to making your employees more productive at their work.

On the other hand, no recognition can demotivate them, and they will move on to better opportunities. According to Vantage Circle, 44% of employees leave their current organization due to a lack of recognition from senior management.

As a recruiter, you need to ensure that the manager of a specific department is well aware of their employee’s performance.

Encourage Communication And Collaboration Between Departments

As a recruiter, you don’t want your new hires to feel left out. For that reason, it’s essential to establish communication between different departments.

  • Include co-workers in relevant email chains
  • Use dedicated sources for new projects

Establishing consistent communication between employees creates a real sense of community that contributes to the organization’s success. Plus, it makes new hires feel valued, even when the management team isn’t available.

Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Every team member has great ideas. You just need to listen to each one of them to make them feel valued. It shows that you value their opinions and respect your employees.

For instance, you want to revamp your sales strategy to boost conversions, the team members' know-how. It’s tempting to adhere to that working model because you know what works well. Instead, make a habit of listening to team members’ new ideas, which will tell everyone they’re a valuable part of the team. Give their ideas a try – you never know what can do wonders to your organization.

5 Signs Of A Bad Company Culture

If you’re doubtful about your work environment, it indicates that you need to make several changes in your organization to develop positive work culture.

Here are the signs of toxic company culture:

  • Poor communication between departments
  • Lack of empathy
  • Fear of failure
  • Never-ending gossip
  • Poor management and leadership

Above all, the lower employee retention rate is a major sign that indicates that you need to develop a positive work environment as soon as possible. If you fail to do so, you will miss out on retaining top talent, affecting your business’s overall productivity.

Summing Up

Investing your time and effort in creating a positive work culture can do wonders for your organization in the long run. By improving the work environment, you will get the following benefits:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Higher productivity
  • Attract top talent
  • Improve customer services

The above-mentioned tips will help you develop and sustain a positive work environment which will help you attract and retain the top talent in your organization.

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