12 Do’s and Don'ts for Successful Hiring Of A Software Developer

12 Do’s and Don'ts for Successful Hiring Of A Software Developer

RahulJune 15th, 20214 min read

Hiring a software developer has become crucial as we live in a world full of technologies. Today, more and more companies are hiring software developers for several roles such as data scientist developer, android developer, iOS developer, web developer, etc.

With the increase in demand for software developers, recruiters must improve their technical hiring process or implement the best practices to streamline the recruitment process. Here, implementing the best practices means using the right tools and technologies or making new changes in the existing hiring strategies.

Many non-tech recruiters often struggle to onboard the right software developer for the company due to the lack of technical skills and knowledge. If you’re the one, then don’t worry. Here, we will discuss the 12 do’s and don’ts to hire the right software developer for the company.


Be Transparent

Being clear and transparent is the key to success. You should be clear about your requirements, the interview process, work culture, and environment. By clearly defining your requirements and the recruitment process, it will build trust with potential candidates. It will make them feel good and imprint your genuiness. They will be more excited to work in your organization.

Hunt On Online Platforms And Social Media

If recruiting sites is not an option, you can look for software developers on online platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc. These are the online platforms where developers engage with the online community and solve technical issues. By reviewing their profiles, you will get a deep knowledge of the candidate’s technical skills.

Social media is a great place to hire software developers. You can use LinkedIn to find quality candidates who will cater to your company’s requirements. You just need to create a LinkedIn business page, post your job vacancy, and start promoting it.

Use Realistic Coding Evaluations

Leveraging the power of coding assessment tools will help you hire quality candidates. A coding test can help you save the time, money, and effort you put into hiring a software developer.

Conducting coding tests is the best way to screen candidates. They are designed to assess one’s suitability for the job. In a coding test, you can give a real-life situation to candidates or ask them to resolve a particular set of questions or write a code. With this, you will get a deep insight into the candidate’s technical skills and how much time is taken to solve the questions. Some of the best coding assessment tools you can use are CodeSubmit, HackerRank, Devskiller, HireVue, and many more.

Involve Senior Developers

As a recruiter, if you are from a non-tech background, involving senior developers in the recruiting process will help you ease the recruitment process. You can also involve the CTO when setting up the recruitment process to ensure all the necessary steps are taken. This will both ensure that your candidate is a good fit for your organization and team feels involved in the hiring process.

Make Quick But Thoughtful Hiring Decisions

The decisions you make should be speedy, but you need to ensure that you hire the right person. You need to streamline your hiring process to extend an offer to the best candidate in a few hours or days; or at the latest, within a week of the final interview. Many recruiters have even embraced same-day hiring.

Track KPIs

As you are hiring software developers for your organization – what will work and not will also depend on your industry, what country you’re working in, and more.

To streamline the process, you need to find out ways while keeping things professional and measuring successes and failures along the way. Find out how much the cost per hire is on different channels and keep optimizing to catch the best possible ROI.

Writing An Unclear Job Description

A job description is what a candidate interacts with first. Creating a generic job description can lead to several confusions during the hiring process.

Source: Meta Management

Writing a clear job description will help candidates to understand the job profile easily and assess whether it is the right fit for them or not. To write a compelling job description, you must include all the processes and activities that the job role is supposed to do.

Skipping Phone Or Video Conversation

Shortlisting candidates based on online tests and chatting is a bad practice, and every recruiter must avoid it. It will be difficult for you to assess their soft skills, personality, and technical skills in the technical hiring process. So, you must make a voice or video-based interview of at least 10-15 minutes to assess the candidate’s soft skills.

Hiring Too Fast

Your company is growing fast, you need to onboard developers quickly, and you have to meet the deadlines. We get it! But in the long run, this speedy hiring will cost you a lot. You may be tempted to hire the first resume to cross your desk with an exciting background, but these quick hires lead to even faster turnovers, and recruiting is an expensive process. One wrong engineer can completely slow down your team or introduce flawed code that can cost you even more.

Not Checking References

In most cases, hiring managers failed to verify the references provided by candidates both online and offline. It is a common mistake that hides the weak spots and defects in the candidate you will hire. It is always suggested to talk to the references provided by the candidate.

Having An Unclear Vision About The Project

Most companies often outsource their technical recruitment without having a clear vision of the project and requirements. It can lead to several problems and difficulties in the long run. Before hiring an external team, you must get a clear picture of your company’s desired goals.

Opting For A Low-Cost Option

8 out of 10 companies prioritize cost-efficiency, and they often choose to hire a low-cost software developer. A low-cost software developer can help you save a lot of money, but you will also compromise the quality of work – which can greatly affect your company in the long run.

Summing Up

Hiring a technical team for a non-tech recruiter can be a challenging task. To initiate your hunt to find the top talent, you need to identify which type of software developer you need to focus on and save both yourself and the developers’ valuable time.Then structure your technical hiring process with the dos and don’ts we have mentioned to assess your candidates on all the important aspects without overlooking any.

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