Better take home assignment experience

Better take home assignment experience

RahulApril 14th, 20211 min read

We did a pilot drive for testing and found many UX issues which have been taken care of.

Here are the details:

  1. Better previous and next buttons to switch across questions
  2. Invite candidates now have a sample CSV that you can download
  3. Error message of 1 of the email is not valid was not removed after delete all button was clicked. This is fixed.
  4. Test start time and end time has been added while inviting the candidate so user can schedule campus drives in a better way.
  5. Test name is now a part of the email title as well that goes out to the candidate
  6. End test button is now called Submit test.
  7. Pagination to switch across multiple questions is now more intuitive
  8. Down-timer position has been changed
  9. Small guide is available for the user to learn about test controls
  10. Bulk invitation to invite up-to 800 candidates has been achieved
  11. Emails were not converted to lowercase while sending emails. This caused a small validation issue. It has been taken care of.
  12. Bulk uploading list of candidates now shows error right in the table to improve the UX
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